Embracing Change

Most of us are creatures of habit. We like our routines. We like things that feel familiar and easy. I am no different. I like everything in a specific place. I write a lot of lists and I always follow a schedule. Reading this, you should have already assumed that I am type A so change can be hard. Recently I decided to make a huge change to my work life. I owned LivActiv Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation and for the past five years, it has been my third baby. It was the result of my passion to provide outstanding physiotherapy services, my desire to collaborate with other inspirational clinicians and my need to work in an environment that makes me happy.

Then on March 31st, I closed the doors and relocated my practice to join Innovative Sport Medicine. The first question people ask is why. There was so much thought put into this decision and even more reasons why, but to sum it up in one statement: I needed to make a change. Change can be hard and scary and unsettling but I am going into this with an open-mind and positivity. I decided to make a change while I have some control rather than waiting until something unexpected comes along and takes me for a potentially unnerving ride. I expect bumps along the road but with a solid plan, I have the opportunity to experience something potentially even better.

Don’t get me wrong, it has been tough to let something go that I was so proud of creating. There have been moments when I think I have made a mistake but life is an adventure. There will be days when I take two steps forwards and one step back but I am grateful for this opportunity to grow and experience something new. Without change life gets dull, so I challenge you to shake it up and try something different.

You can find Shari providing physiotherapy and gait analysis services at Innovative Sport Medicine: Mayfair. Continue to check out this website and instagram (@livactivcalgary) for information and exercises regarding injury prevention, health and wellness.