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Welcome to LIV ACTIV - a Sport Injury Physiotherapy Practice, my name is Shari Macdonald and I am a registered physiotherapist specializing in running and sport related injuries.

I offer a combination of 3D Gait Analysis, Physiotherapy Treatments, Acupuncture and IMS, for individuals looking to excel at their sport or return to an activity following injury. I use evidence informed practices and innovative treatment techniques to develop successful plans that are designed to keep you active, and doing what you love to do.

A Bit More About Me

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I am the owner of Liv Activ Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation Practice and a registered physical therapist. I am currently a board member of Run Calgary as well as a former board member of Sport Physiotherapy Canada. I have over 20 years clinical experience working in orthopaedic private practice in Calgary. You can find me consulting at Innovative Sport Medicine: Mayfair.

Shari Macdonald


My clinical practice focuses on addressing poor biomechanical movement patterns, imbalances in strength and flexibility and improving core stability to keep an active population doing what they love. I have completed several post graduate certifications including sport physiotherapy, acupuncture, GunnIMS, intermediate manual therapy, as well as a MSc in biomechanics.

People always ask me if I am a runner. I run, but what I am really good at is determining why other people can’t run. My special interest is assessing running biomechanics and determining the factors that are contributing to the root cause of running related injuries. 

When I am not working, you can find me hiking, spinning and spending time outdoors with my wonderful husband, two amazing children, and of course our dog, Lola.

MY treatments & practices


This is most accurate and scientific analysis available in the world.  It uses 6 infrared high speed cameras that each collect 200 frames of data every second and track the movement of 24 retroreflective markers placed on your pelvis, legs, and feet.  Learn More …

Full 3D Gait Analysis

The Full 3D Gait Analysis involves a comprehensive 3-dimensional analysis of your running and/or walking biomechanics and how your gait mechanics are related to scientific measures of anatomical structure, flexibility, and strength. Learn More …

Biomechanical 3D Gait Analysis

I provide a state-of-the-art scientific 3D biomechanical report of your gait biomechanics. Learn More …

Physiotherapy Treatment and Rehabilitation

Providing the most up-to-date assessment and treatment methods based on current evidence informed research and clinical practice.    Learn More …


Acupuncture is used to reduce or relieve pain and improve function of the affected areas of the body. Learn More …

Intramuscular stimulation (IMS)

IMS treats chronic neuropathic pain, which can include conditions such as headaches, whiplash, backache, tennis elbow or frozen shoulder. Learn More …

Where you Can find me


Unit #110, 6707 Elbow Drive SW in Mayfair Place

Beyond the Clinic


I continue to be engaged in innovative research and investigate into issues that affect our clients. Along with my clinical practice, I am an educator holding injury prevention sessions to share current clinical and research knowledge.

During the last several years, I have focused my practice on diagnosing and treating running related injuries. I co-authored a book called Running Mechanics and Gait Analysis, which is a premiere resource for running mechanics and injury prevention.

Along with my clinical practice I also enjoy educating people about injury prevention. I am a regular speaker to groups regarding running injury prevention and rehabilitation, and I am currently a board member of Run Calgary (Calgary Marathon Society).

Although working with runners is my special interest, I have been a part of several medical teams for many national and international sporting events such as

  • World Ultra 24 Hour Championships,

  • FIFA Women’s World Cup,

  • Women’ s U20 World Cup Soccer,

  • Canada Winter Games,

  • World Figure Skating Championships

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