Welcome to LIV ACTIV’s Blog! My name is Shari Macdonald and I am the clinic’s owner. I have been a physical therapist in Calgary for over 18 years. I am fortunate to work with a group of people who motivate and inspire me everyday in a variety of ways.

I don’t excel at any one sport. I spin, swim, hike and whatever else I can to stay active. People always ask me if I am a runner. I run but not like our massage therapist, Dave Proctor, who ran 260.4km in 24 hour on a treadmill. What I am really good at is determining why other people can’t run.

My special interest is assessing running biomechanics and determining the factors that are contributing to the root cause of running related injuries. However, not all of my clients are runners.

We opened as the Calgary Running Injury Clinic in March 2014. Our model of patient centered care and individual attention attracted several really talented therapists to our team. Not all of their clients are runners either. We want to be more inclusive. We don’t want people to feel intimidated by our name. LIV ACTIV is for people who want to move.

This space will share information with our community about topics that are relevant to living an active lifestyle whether that includes running, swimming, dancing or walking. Each week, one of our health and movement experts will write about something related to their practice. This blog is only as good as the information we provide, so please feel to comment or ask questions.

Check out this space next week when Dr. Allison Gross, our chiropractor, writes about “ What is that crack?”