Yoga for Athletes 3 part series

June 17th The Practical Athlete: an intro to yoga as a complementary training to achieve peak performance and injury prevention.

June 24th Efficient Breathing: Combining physical stregnth, flexibility and breath to build a healthier athlete.

July 8th Yin and Tonic: A restorative class targeting the connective tissues, encouraging long term health and flexibility of joints. Postures are held for longer periods of time.

60 minute classess starting at 8:30 $30 per session or $75 for all three

Happy Hips Workshop Saturday June 24th 9;30-11am $50.00 per person

The first half of this workshop will be spent releasing and stretching tight hips. The second half is spent on strengthening exercises to improve performance, acheive better posture and relieve low back, hip and knee pain. Maunual included in registration. Release balls and theraband available for purchase at the workshop.


Perfect Your Posture the PIlates Way Saturday July 15th, 9:30-11am $50.00 per person

Discover how to bring your body into the best possible alignment. Understand where your imbalances are then learn how to fix them. Learn stretches, release techniques and strengthening  exercises to correct your posture. Improve the way you stand and learn how you move in your everyday life.