JANUARY 25th 1-2:30

This class will take you through a series of routines using a Yamuna ball. This practice allows you to work through specific muscles in a sequece that follows the body's own logic and order. The weight of the ball is used to traction and roll against the connective tissue contributing to permanent change, muscle r-education for better flexibility, strength and muscle tone. Experience a workout and massage all in one.

$50.00 per person   Instructor : Tania Alvarado and certified Yamuna & Pilates Practitioner



Stretch fascia and musclesin your neck and shoulders. Improve yourposture and release tension, stiffness and pain. Learn step by step release techniques to connect your shoulders to your core.

SESSION 2: FOOT FITNESS MARCH 10th 11:00-12:30

Help create healthy joint mobility and assist in arch function. Release, stretch and strengthen the feet and ankles by building length and elasticity in the sole of your foot. Ease plantar fasciitis and achilles pain.


Women Who Run Workshop:  Monday, January 29th 7-8:30pm. Whether you run 3km, 30 km or 100km, this workshop is for you. Learn strategies to improve coordination of breathing and core function, how to manage issues of fatigue and breathlessness, and get the ultimate home program to reduce injuries.  We'll also discuss good rest and relaxation strategies that are so important in allowing your body to tolerate training.  Cost is $50, limited to 6 participants.

Activ Moms:  Wednesdays 10am-11 am, starting February 7th.  This four week progressive program will help you get back into activity safely following pregnancy and delivery.  Don't worry if there's been a few years since your last child - if you have concerns about your core - whether from abdominal separation or pelvic floor issues, or you just want to know how to coordinate it all properly, this program is for you.   We will cover alignment, optimal muscle strategies and how to link the breath and pelvic floor to create safe movement patterns.  Whether your goal is to do Cross-Fit or walk around the block, you'll find this program will help you achieve it!