We are experts in Pilates! Offering private Pilates therapy, group classes and self care workshops. Pilates is for every body, if you are an athlete, weekend warrior or returning to fitness after an injury, Pilates is for you.

Benefits of Pilates

 Tone and strengthen muscles                                                                                        Increase flexibility and range of motion                                                                                  Improve posture and body alignment                                                                             Relieve back and neck pain                                                                                                    Improve balance and enhance circulation                                                                           Enhance overall physical performance                                                                                   Develop core strength                                                                                                  Increase postural awareness

Private Pilates Therapy

Every body is unique and every lifestyle is unique. A competitive cyclist needs a very different program than someone recovering from a hip replacement. Each program is unique and is constantly evolving as you evolve. In a Private Pilates Therapy session you can expect to:

Use Pilates equipment including Reformers, Cadillacs (Trapeeze Table), Spine                 Correctors, and Wunda Chairs                                                                                             Use props like, balls, bands, magic circles, foam rollers                                                       Have a unique personalized program made for you                                                              Move and work in the best possible alignment

Take your Pilates practice to a whole new level! In a fun and positive environment, our small group classes ensure you have personal attention and are moving well under the watchful eye of your teacher.  Group Pilates classes run both as registered and drop in sessions.

Adding a Plates group class onto your weekly routine will carry into your everyday life, leaving you feeling longer, leaner and more connected.

•   Pilates Circuit   •   Pilates Mat    •   Open Studio     •   Pilates Chair

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All of our experiential, self care workshops are designed to give you the tools and the knowledge to take these revolutionary techniques with you wherever you go, empowering you to evolve. No Pilates Experience Required! Click here for our schedule of workshops.