Sometimes breathing isn't easy. Do you struggle with shortness of breath? Find yourself breathing hard after simply going up the stairs or running half a block? Or maybe you have found that suddenly you can't coordinate breathing with exercise? Injuries, illness, stress and - for women -pregnancy, can create physical changes to the way you breathe. These changes can produce a range of troubling symptoms like shortness of breath, irregular heartbeats, anxiety, fatigue, pain and cognitive impairments.  Physiotherapist Jessica DeMars has extensive training in assessing and treating breathing pattern disorders. Using leading edge assessment techniques and treatment programs, Jessica deals with a range of breathing related concerns such as asthma, exercise induced asthma, vocal cord dysfunction and COPD as well as those conditions that breathing has a big impact on: anxiety, chronic pain, postpartum fitness and sport performance. Through the clinic, Jessica has been working on two research projects: investigating breathing exercises in kids with asthma and studying the impact of respiratory muscle loading on pelvic floor function. One-on- one comprehensive treatment sessions as well as group classes that link optimal breathing and movement strategies are available. Breathe well, move well, live well.