Pain in my neck....

Pain in my neck…..

Myofascial pain is refers to pain and aches in the muscle. We have approximately 640 skeletal muscles and any one of them can develop myofascial trigger points or as some people call them muscles "knots". Myofascial trigger points are small hyperirritable spots/nodules located in tight muscles bands. The main theory explaining trigger points phenomenon is a tightening of cellular components of muscles called sarcomeres. This group of shortened sarcomeres form an active trigger point. The sustained contraction of muscle sarcomeres also compromises a local blood supply causing loss of oxygen and nutrients and in turn energy shortage in the area. This lack of blood flow to the muscle fibres activates pain receptors resulting in regional pain. Trigger points can also refer pain to the different areas of the body. For example some trigger points in buttock muscles send pain to the leg, mimicking a sciatic pain. Their pain pattern happens in predictable locations and is well documented for various muscles.

Trigger points occur from different reasons. It can be an acute trauma to the muscle caused by accidents, sports injury; overuse of muscles by repetitive occupational movements, bad postural habits or even an emotional stress. Trigger points produce not only pain but can also reduce range of motion in the muscle and cause weakness, making harder to strengthen and condition it.

Massage therapy which includes trigger point release techniques can help eliminate these trigger points by improving circulation to tight muscle fibres, relaxing them and in turn reducing pain and helping the muscles to return to their original length.

Barb Pilat has over 17 years’ experience as a massage therapist. Her skillful hands deliver a deep soft tissue massage enhanced with such techniques as myofascial and trigger point releases, joint mobilization, PNF stretching, neuromuscular therapy, manual lymph drainage and craniosacral therapy.