We are a collaborative team of experienced therapists who are passionate about keeping you doing what you love.


Our Mission

We are a collaborative team of experienced therapists who are passionate about keeping you doing what you love. Our clinic opened in 2014 in Glenmore Landing as the Calgary Running Injury Clinic. We were known for our expertise in diagnosing and treating running injuries using 3D gait analysis technology. We offer one on one, individualized attention, focusing on helping our clients achieve their goals. This collaborative environment has attracted many clinical experts to join our team. We currently provide physiotherapy, gait analysis, chiropractic, massage therapy and pilates. In 2016, we changed our name to Liv Activ Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation. We continue to be engaged in innovative research investigating issues that affect our clients and regularly hold injury prevention educational sessions to share current clinical and research knowledge. We have become about more than just running injuries. We are movement experts.

Welcome to LIV ACTIV Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation.

LIV ACTIV is a resource for individuals looking to excel at their sport or return to an activity following injury. Whether this includes walking your dog or completing an ironman triathlon, our multidisciplinary team of clinicians will determine the underlying cause of your injury or weakness. Using evidence informed practices and innovative treatment techniques, we will implement a successful plan to keep you active.

Clinic Director

Shari is a Registered Physical Therapist with 20 years of clinical experience.  She has completed post-graduate certifications in sport, acupuncture, IMS and manual therapy. In 2013, she completed a MSc in Biomechanics. Shari enjoys educating people about injury prevention. Her clinical practice focuses on addressing poor biomechanical movement patterns, imbalances in strength and flexibility and improving core stability to keep an active population doing what they love. Shari is currently a board member of the Calgary Marathon Society.

Physiotherapy Consultant, Neurac Redcord Practitioner

Ursula is a compassionate physiotherapist with a hands-on approach to treatment and rehabilitation.  As an active person, she understands the impact that immobility and injury can have on a person’s physical and emotional well-being.  She finds great satisfaction in helping clients achieve their personal goals and improve their quality of life. Ursula earned her Bachelor of Science at St. Francis Xavier University before attending Curtin University in Perth, Australia.  She has been practicing physiotherapy for over 16 years and has extensive experience treating patients with orthopedic and neurological conditions. Ursula uses manual mobilization and soft tissue techniques including Graston technique as well as Dry Needling  to restore functional movement patterns.In 2014, Ursula incorporated the Neurac Redcord suspension system into her practice.  Redcord has been a valuable assessment and rehabilitation tool for Ursula—as a Redcord practitioner, she can evaluate patients thoroughly and isolate areas of weakness that are key to treatment and prevention of injury.

Physiotherapy Consultant

Heather is a physiotherapist with a diverse practice and interests in several areas. Heather has many years of experience as a physiotherapist in Calgary.  She has taken numerous post- graduate courses and continues to develop her practice to offer new and innovative treatments to clients.  Heather is a certified Gunn IMS practitioner, and resident of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Therapy. Currently, Heather has expanded her repertoire of rehabilitation and exercise prescription by working with the Redcord suspension system. This Norwegian founded system is effective for treating injuries by activating core muscles, correcting muscle imbalances and offering progressive strengthening through the use of the systems bungees and ropes. Heather firmly believes that once pain or injury is under control, that one has to integrate new movements and strategies to keep up with the rest of their body.  After all, life goes on. In her spare time, Heather is an avid and addicted golfer, and enjoys jogging, and making glass beads and jewelry.



Dr. Gross graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor in Science in 1993 and then from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto in 1997. She has been practicing in Calgary for more than 18 years and enjoys the collaborative environment of a multidisciplinary clinic and the advantages it offers her patients. 

Dr. Gross provides individualized, evidence informed care that integrates numerous therapies including spinal manipulative therapy and muscle release techniques such as Graston, Active Release, and Trigger Point Therapy to restore movement and function to allow her patients to live well and be active.

Registered Massage Therapist

After graduating from Mount Royal University in 2000, Dave has been a practicing massage therapist in Calgary for 16 years. He specializes in sports massage, deep tissue rehab and myofascial release. Over the years he has come to treat many of Calgary’s elite athletes. His array of experience and attention to detail makes Dave's treatment the key to unlocking your bodies full potential.

When not in the office, Dave lives in Okotoks with his wife Sharon and their three children. Aside from parenting his passion is running. His running resume consists of 2 Guinness world records for the furthest distance run on a treadmill in 12 & 24 hours, he is the 2013/2014 national 100km champion, the 2015/2016 national 100mile champion, the current 24 hour Canadian record holder, and the course record holder for many local ultramarathons.

"Running far and fast isn't only within the mind but also within the mechanics and regulation of the body. My massage practice is an extension of my obsession with biomechanical perfection." – Dave Proctor

Registered Massage Therapist

Barb has been a registered massage therapist since 1997, when she graduated with an Honours Diploma from Kikkawa College.  Barb believes a thorough assessment is an important step to providing individualized and effective treatment.  Her skillful hands deliver a deep soft tissue massage enhanced with such techniques as myofascial and trigger point releases, joint mobilization, PNF stretching, neuromuscular therapy, manual lymph drainage and craniosacral therapy. Over the years she has experience working and successfully treating clients who have recovered from surgery, sport injuries, chronic pain, frozen shoulder, spinal injuries, motor vehicle accidents, TMJ, headaches and many other conditions.

Barb continually works towards expanding her knowledge in order to provide her clients with the greatest level of care possible.  She believes massage therapy plays a key role in dealing with many of life’s stressors and is essential for long-term health and wellness.

Pilates/Yoga intructor

Shalene Melnychuk’s exploration of the breath/body/mind connection began over 12 years ago. As a certified Pilates and Yoga rehabilitation specialist, Shalene is passionate about helping people discover the power of listening to their bodies. She teaches mindful movement that helps to correct postural alignment, proper body mechanics and training muscles to find new patterns is key to bringing the body back into balance. Shalene continues to study: Myofascial release techniques, Yamuna Body Rolling, The Keller Method, Osteopathy techniques, Pelvic floor conditioning techniques, Eldoa, the Eric Franklin Method and Sattva Yoga to name a few. Using many modalities, Shalene helps clients overcome injuries and gives them tools to empower themselves and ultimately how to function in their daily lives pain free.



Registered Massage Therapist

Sandra has practiced massage therapy for 17 years in Banff, Canmore, Calgary and Europe. With experience working in various multi-disciplinary clinics, Sandra is well versed in helping with a wide range of injuries. She has also had the privilege of working with many of the Para-Athletes during the 2010 Winter Olympics in British Columbia.

Continuing to expand her skills and knowledge in myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy, craniosacral therapy, and sports massage for the whole body, Sandra delivers a customized treatment for each individual patient. She has a special interest in head trauma, spinal cord injuries, and TMJ. Her treatments are both practical and intuitive for the need of each patient. Whether her clients are looking to get back to their game in either sport or lifestyle, Sandra is able to adapt, guide, and customize a treatment plan for massage therapy.