This is most accurate and scientific analysis available in the world.  We use 6 infrared high speed cameras that each collect 200 frames of data every second and track the movement of 24 retroreflective markers placed on your pelvis, legs, and feet.  We then analyze 36,000 frames of data and compile a 3D “stick-figure” of your running biomechanics by performing 6119 different calculations in 9.56 seconds.  The end result is an individualized report pinpointing the root cause of your injury and what needs to be done to prevent and rehabilitate from the injury.  We offer three different 3D Gait Analysis services:

Full 3D Gait Analysis

The Full 3D Gait Analysis involves a comprehensive 3-dimensional analysis of your running and/or walking biomechanics and how your gait mechanics are related to scientific measures of anatomical structure, flexibility, and strength. A comprehensive and individualized report is generated and specific, evidence-based recommendations are made to help resolve your pain and symptoms. All measurements, analyses, and report generation will be done over a one-time, two-hour visit.

Biomechanical 3D Gait Analysis

We provide a state-of-the-art scientific 3D biomechanical report of your gait biomechanics. This report gives you the most scientific and accurate assessment of your gait mechanics and is to be combined with a clinical assessment by a health professional. If another therapist is treating you, a referral from that therapist is needed for this service.


 We use our 3D GAIT system to measure your foot mechanics with millimeter precision and combine your gait biomechanics with several foot measurements.  This 1-hour evaluation is an objective, definitive, and scientific approach to understand how your foot mechanics, foot shape, and anatomical structure are inter-related.  At the end, we provide a report that identifies the ideal type of shoe for you.  We recommend that you are currently running injury-free for optimal results as our research clearly shows that an injury can alter your overall running mechanics.